Mineville is a very immersive and convenient Minecraft private server that specializes in farming and the more towny aspects of the game. Mineville offers more enhanced mechanics when it comes to farming, growing crops and taking care of animals and overall offers a more entertaining experience for anyone interested in that type of game play.

Our server allows players to compete with each other and the bigger and more efficient farm and town a player has, the better his high-score and status will be on the server.

There are hundreds of players with thousands of different farms that are being taken care of by players each day. Mineville puts the farming aspects of the game to life and the atmosphere and environment is as realistic as it possibly can.

Everything in the game is interactive to the tiny little details and you're able to interact with pretty much everything in your town and farm. The economy on Mineville is superb and very balanced, the competitive scene between players is one of the best of its genre.

Mineville is the optimal Minecraft server for anyone who's looking for a long and relaxing grind but also a server that promotes competitive spirit between the players. Being one of the most immersive farming and survival Minecraft server, Mineville is guaranteed to deliver you an immersive farming experience.