MunchyMC is the biggest English speaking gaming network currently boasting six different unique game modes and with plans to expand into a lot more!

We have one of the biggest communities in Minecraft with over a thousand registered users and five hundred active players every single day ready for you to team or battle within our completely unique battlegrounds map spanning tens of thousands of blocks providing you with endless amounts of content. We understand that playing the same map or the same game mode gets repetitive that's why we have created and implemented our very own unique veto system that allows players actively playing the minigames to rotate and vote on the maps that they wish to play to create the best possible

We are the most active community in Minecraft and we also have the most experienced staff from all across the globe ready to assist you with any question or concerns that you may have regarding any of our supported servers;

You can be sure that you will receive the utmost professionalism with every single request no matter the time of day. With a community heavily influenced by players, we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to improve so check us out today!