Nerd.Nu is a private Minecraft community with a twist. It takes a nostalgic and very mundane game mode and provides a unique and fresh twist on a classic. People have quickly come to love its uniqueness while still providing that old school feel that our players all know and crave.

We aim to provide the best possible player experience for all of our players no matter what piece of content they are playing or their skill level. All of our content across both of our worlds can be accessed and be completed by any and every player without the need for special ranks or other special requirements.

We understand that not all of our players have the time to grind out their skills so we offer a unique XP system that allows every single player the option to skip to the rank that they require so they spend less time grinding and even more time enjoying the end of game content.

Our custom launcher makes joining our server super easy and very quick, simply type in your desired username and password. Then hit connect and join all of the other players in our massive open realm.