Peaceful Vanilla Club



Peaceful Vanilla is a Minecraft private server which has been releasing brand new original Vanilla Minecraft content. Many big fans of the Minecraft franchise and game are very displeased when it comes to the current state of the Minecraft game.

Minecraft has become for many more like an MMORPG rather than the survival game it used to be. Many of the same players are more interested in the way Minecraft was several years ago in its Vanilla era.

Peaceful Vanilla Club is a Minecraft private server. We've been doing our best to deliver the true and authentic feel of Minecraft. We've created a brand new whole map perfectly suitable for the Minecraft vanilla feel where you're able to explore the map and experience the true Minecraft. We do not host too much of a big playerbase as we usually only reach around 50-60 players in our peak timezones.

But even though we have the odds against us we've still been able to thrive as a community and continually develop the game making it even better day by day. We've personally hand made the current server map from scratch which has taken thousands of hours. There are tons of cool areas to explore, try us out today.