Pokefind is one of the biggest Minecraft custom private servers up to date. It consists of a huge playerbase with a very tight, interactive and friendly community. Pokefind is based on the Pokemon universe and it really brings a very unique perspective to the realm of Minecraft. Pokefind is its own MMORPG with almost every major and minor location from the Pokemon universe, all kinds of monsters and NPC's from the original Pokemon series, Pokefind has one of the most unique aspects of a Minecraft server ever created.

Pokefind doesn't require any type of mods to participate in the server. We have several completely custom built locations and regions where you can come upon the most unique of Pokemons and then add them to your collection.

Pokefind has a lot of variety to it as there are multiple different game modes such as Skyblock with a Pokemon twist to it, our own version of the Minecraft survival game mode where you're ought to use your pokemons and monsters in the wilderness to succeed in your struggle of surviving.

Pokefind offers the most immersive and unique Minecraft experience to the Minecraft audience. Our executive adminstrators have almost more than a decade of experience in the field of Minecraft and private servers which has helped the server and the community tremendously when it comes to development and progression of the server.