Purple prison Minecraft is the biggest prison Minecraft server on the market, even Pewdiepie plays on this server. This Minecraft game mode is one of the most popular around and a player favorite. What our project is based on is that it's supposed to emulate a real life prison but with a more Minecraft twist to it.

What the player objective is, they are ought to try and escape their prison cell and along that journey are obstacles and difficult challenges you face to complete your goal of escaping the prison. Each new cell you enter is a more difficult one than the one you were in prior to the new one. Cells work as your own level on the server and the further you get on it the harder the cell is.

The further you progress in the prison also means that you will start off with new hefty tools and items when you spawn such as new blocks to build with and what not. Purple prison is the most popular Minecraft prison server in the Minecraft community as we started this unique Minecraft prison concept and we truly have the original and most convenient version of them all.

What makes Purple prison Minecraft so unique and fun is because of the community aspect of it, by helping other fellow inmates you together work as a team to mine and collect valuable items to progress through the prison. We strive to keep the originality of the server by staying to the roots of the server and only add new content that we deem to fit the mechanics and gameplay of our server.

If prison themed gameplay is what you’re into then Purple prison Minecraft is the perfect fit for you. Our server has been played and enjoyed my several big content creators in the Minecraft community, among those names are Pewdiepie whom is one of the biggest names in the Youtube industry. Come join today, the biggest minecraft prison server out there. The server that pewdiepie plays on, join us today and start your prison adventure.