Have you been looking for a more ''towny'' type of Minecraft private server? The current state of the Minecraft online gaming environment is so repetitive nowadays. All private Minecraft servers tend to be as fast-paced as possible. The game of Minecraft itself was made to be a relaxing and comforting game, not a fast-paced first-person shooter which everyone is opting for it to be.

RoyalLegacy is a Minecraft private server which gives you the utilities and tools to forge your very own destiny within the game. It gives you the complete freedom to explore, build and create new things exactly how you want without being bothered by anyone.

RoyalLegacy has a wide variety of different game-modes and fun activities for you to do in-game such as farming, bossing, competing in player versus player battles where you're able to loot another players hard-earned recourses and materials.

Our server has been free to play for its entire existence, for almost 3 full years we've been delivering fully free and optimally working game content to our community which has been cherishing and loving it for all this time. If RoyalLegacy interests you in whatever shape or form, then you should definitely try it out for free today.