StrongCraft is a unique Minecraft server that has perfected the gameplay and experience of Minecraft. Strongcraft has been up for several years and thriving ever since, with a steadily growing community, very stable economy and the most convenient server to invest your time in.

We decided to stay to the Minecraft roots, meaning unlike other servers that just create their own version of the game, we've chosen to stick to the originality of the game and only develop things that made the game so fun in the first place.

Building, mining and surviving are all the three main aspects of the Minecraft experience and that is what we've put our focus on. We have competitions every week containing real life prizes up to 100 euros each for different competitions and mini-games. Instead of going with the typical highscore/PvP type events we've made a build battle event where players have one week to construct and create art on our server, the winners are then picked by the admin team and are prized with hundreds of real life dollars.

StrongCraft allows you to create your own village and build it up from scratch which really immerses your Minecraft experience and gives you a whole new perspective to the game.