Throne is a well-known Minecraft server that's hosted in Estonia and it predominantly caters to players that speak Estonian. It's a fairly new server but has recently risen to the top of the charts and rightly so it has masses of new and exciting content just waiting to be checked out.

It not only provides hours upon hours of endless game content it also provides the players with great sense of achievement by completing various in-game automatic targets and goals. Jump right into the biggest Minecraft server currently online with over five hundred players actively playing; check out our completely custom marketplace and economy and witness history in the making with our state of the art attack mechanics.

Compete in our tier 4 dungeons mainly aimed at new players as it allows them to learn the game in a battle situation or your looking to conquer our extremely difficult tier 1 dungeon in order to unlock that dream god-tier armor that you've always wanted.

What are you waiting for come and check us out today!