PieGP Gold Site

Piegp online service was founded specifically to match the wishes of the Runescape 3 and OSRS.

Due to the presence of real gaming experience and a wide database of professional players, the service was initially positioned as a trading platform for selling game gold for real money. Later, along with the growing popularity of MMORPGs, the service expanded its arsenal of basic services for exchanging and selling game accounts, and significantly expanded the list of partner e-commerce platforms. Thanks to this, each player has the opportunity to sell and purchase farmed game resources in exchange for real money, while paying for the purchase or withdrawing funds using an ordinary bank or credit cards, electronic and cloud wallets, and even using cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of the service, you will receive purchased game gold already at the next entry into the game — the maximum waiting time is 5-10 minutes, depending on the stability of the server and the quality of the connection. The functionality of the site is extremely simple. At the top of the site there are two main functional sections, one of which is responsible for the purchase and selling of gold in Runescape 3, and the other for the purchase of OSRS in-game currency. After selecting the necessary section, users need to select the server where the created game character is located. Then simply enter the required amount of game currency that you want to purchase, then confirm the purchase and you can log in to your character. The acquired amount of virtual money will be delivered to you as soon as possible by the service support agent.

Thanks to the latest user data protection protocols, all information about game accounts and the client’s identity remains completely confidential. The virtual platform is constantly evolving, so that service customers get the opportunity to accelerate their progress in the game thanks to real money investing. In the game, they can be spent on the uniform of the character or on other options — including even invites to raids and some guilds.

After five years of experience in this field, the Piegp development team managed to achieve amazing performance indicators, functionality, and stability of the platform, because orders for the purchase and delivery of game gold come around the clock.

Thanks to a professional technical support service, each client will not wait longer than a few minutes — technical support will help solve all problems with transactions or provide all the information you need regarding the process of trading game resources, exchanges of user accounts and other methods of monetizing game progress.

Piegp online platform has established itself as one of the main points of exchanging game gold for real money. Thousands of players daily use the services of the Piegp web platform, and the developers of the project are constantly striving to develop their brainchild, offering customers new methods of commercializing game activity in such popular MMORPGs as Oldschool Runescape and Runescape 3.