Buddygold has been one of the main distributors of gold through third party means on the game of Runescape for as long as the Old School Runescape version of the game has been launched.

We've been a reliable, safe and convenient option for all of whom have purchased in-game gold and other services through means other than in-game grinding or merching. Buddygold is a very convenient and trusted site for all of your Runescape GP needs, we always have more than 5B of each currency in stock at all times so you'll never have to worry or wait for us to be able to sell or buy your gold.

A trade usually takes about a minute to complete and we go through multiple security efforts to secure both parties products and goods. Instead of grinding it out for several hours on end to just get a fraction of what you can buy here for the minimal effort, we are all about convenience. Back in the day when we could spend half of our day we were able to grind it out on the game of Runescape as we had nothing better to do, but the times have changed.

Statistics show that the majory of Runescape players are 20 and above which means that we're more busy with real life stuff other than Runescape, hence why this site was created.

We give you a way out to enjoy the game without having to spend as much time on it.