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317-loading-osrs-data RSPS

317-loading-osrs-data RSPS

Welcome to Phrimos 

The server is ran and hosted by Rootaw40. 

We are based off the dawntained base (100% credits to the DT team). 
We are a mixture of PKing and Economy, but we're more focused on economy. 

We have many features, such as the Skilling Boss, where you have to skill to kill it! 

We have a custom donator island where there are similiar monsters you all know. 
Including a custom Tekton boss and Inferno! 

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy PKing on the real dawntained but want to PVM as well? 
Well, you've found the right server! 

We have different gamemodes such as Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and Hardcore Ironman! 
Server Status: Online with 24/7 up-time!

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