Aganoth - Traditional OSRS - Most content packed server

Aganoth RSPS

Aganoth RSPS

Aganoth | Runescape private server | The best on the top list

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Aganoth RSPS is a 316 server loading 143 data. It has 10+ bosses, random events, pos (player owned shops), working clue scrolls, 50+ players, fully added mini-games, functional skills and so much more. The Aganoth team is active and working on pushing out updates every day. The server has been loved by many because of the friendly community and staff members. Try it out and you will not regret this! We are the best Runescape private server on the rsps-list, we host weekly events where players can win donator items and this is because we care about the players, we give them a chance to become rich without donating money. Join us today and you will see how it is like to be appreciated on a server. Hope to see you online soon!

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