Atheena RSPS

Atheena RSPS


[CENTER][COLOR="#FAEBD7"][B]Welcome To Atheena!
what Do We Have To Offer? Media Will show you some of the features we have![/B][/COLOR]


[COLOR="#00FFFF"]Working drop table

Working Dungeoneering

Working Blow Pipe

Custom Interface Teleports

Working BlowPipe

Player Panel

Customizable Client

25 Skills

22 Bosess

8 Mini Games

Working Trivia Reward System

Player Owned Shops

Iron Man

Ultimate Iron Man

Bank Tabs


Dupe Free

Stable Economy

Smooth Client

Fullscreen & Resizeable

Perfect Skilling

Flawless Combat


Skill Goals

Perfect EXP Counter

Player Titles


Many Unique Interfaces

Active Community

100% Clan chat

loyalty titles +customs

100% working money pouch, can hold as much as you want in it

Amazing skilling interface (just click the skill in skill menu and it takes you to the skilling area where you desire to go

101+ achievements

well of goodwill once it has 100m inside it double xp for 2 hours for every player

Daily updates!

With alot more come and see.. WERE WAITING!!
[img] sharman_zpscdrge9wl.png[/img]
[img] ches_zpsiiouvsrp.png[/img]
[img] interface_zpsvxpqagbs.png[/img]

[SPOILER=Credits][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Developers;[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]NetEssentials, V3NUM, ARLO
[SPOILER=Server Banners][img][/img]


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