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Eden RSPS is the ideal OSRS private server. At Eden, we give the players the freedom to play the game as they want. At registration, you the player get to pick which game mode that comes to your liking these include ,DMM , the newly introduced group iron man mode and much more.
By playing at our server you don't have to go through the hassle and pain of grinding for hours on end to reach certain points of the game. Eden RSPS experience rates are multiplied by 500 from the normal OSRS XP rates with combat related skills and 50x with non combat related skills.
This means that you can get the full original Runescape experience without having to put in the insane amount of effort that the official version of the game has you do.
One of the unique aspects of Eden is that there is a very convenient and hefty teleportation system that is available to all players after the introduction to the server at registration. This hefty teleportation interface makes it much easier for the player to move around Gielinor in a way more convenient manner. To be able to teleport around in fashion you'll have to interact with the Teleportation Wizard at Edgeville.
This teleport system doesn't only get you to the general locations of the game. By accessing this interface you're able to teleport to almost every area there is to the game, dungeons, specific NPCs and all different skiling areas such as agility routes, thieving stalls etc.
We have a very neat Slayer system on Eden. By reaching higher Slayer levels you're agible to unlock new powerful monsters and bosses across Gielinor. Slayer is one of the best sources of in game currency and this all beings to increase tremendously once you've reached the slayer level of 70.

Our server is only alive because of our splendid community. By donating you have a wide range of benefits that are strictly for donators and can only be obtained by donating. If you're not as interested in the game play and leveling through the game manually you could pay real life currency to obtain mystery boxes in game which rewards you with experience points. Donating is a great way to support the server and keep it alive and well. Doing so rewards you with countless benefits such as extra GE slots, extra points received per Slayer task completed, instant home teleport and much more.
Our server offers the best overall Runescape experience out there. We have the most competitive PvP and PvE system ever, we offer the most unique game play which has helped our community grow and the amount of loyal players only increase.
At Eden, we offer seasonal Deadman Mode tournaments. These tournaments last for 1 week when all XP received is multiplied by 50 unlike OSRS where it's only multiplied by 10. The prizes for the top 4 players in the Eden DMM tournaments are a whooping 1B OSRS the number one competitor received 500M OSRS, second placer gets 250M osrs and the third and fourth get a hefty 125m each.
Eden's DMM game play is just as in the original game. It's based upon players killing players which is how you obtain other players bank keys this can be used on Deadman chests located in the most banks around Gielinor. Every key obtained awards you with 10 of the most valuable stacks of items from the player you've killed. Every time you're killed during the DMM you will lose some experience points if you happen to be skulled.
Eden OSRS RSPS is your go to if you're really looking for the true Runescape competitive experience.

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