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Eternal-Flame RSPS

Eternal-Flame RSPS

Dear community,
We've been through a lot in the past...
Our development team has been listening and reaching out to our players with their great feedback on what needs to be done to better our server/community.
I would first like to start off by saying that I have had a such great time and a fun experience with meeting all of the new players and as well as our veteran players. I cannot express how much each individual is important to us. Here at Eternal Flame we want you the player to feel valued and listen to your constructive feedback to our server.

With all that being said I am happy to announce officially the release of Eternal Flame 3.0
           This is everything you loved from our older versions plus more !


I will be getting into the core features in separate lists for specific updates.
Note:this is just a small list that I have to share with you. Theres plenty more other features ingame

      =Server Updates=
-Stable server
-lag free
-bug free
-dedicated server
-no dupes
-best RSPS economy to date



    =Content Updates=
-20+ bosses
-every skill including dungeoneering
-OSRS playstyle feel
-100+ Tasks and more in the making
-Full arena
-Prestige + great rewards
-2 Full quests available
-Duo Slayer
-Player owned shops
-All minigames fully work
-Unlimited money pouch
-Quick Prayers fully functional
-Summoning Fully works
-Dungeoneering Fully works
-Perfect Clipping
-Shooting stars
-Well of Goodwill
-Loyalty point system
-Loyalty titles
-Boss pets
-Imp charmer
-Fully working flower game
-Flawless pk
-PK system
-boss point system
-Bank tabs
+ much more

So come see for yourself and lets have fun !

Release Date



Hello community of Eternal Flame !

"Eternal Flame where our spark ignites forever"

I hope everyone is excited as we are. We will be hosting a open beta for the server as we close up our alpha stage.
I strongly encourage our alpha players to continue to test our server along with our beta testers. I would like to thank our development team for all of their hard work as well as our alpha testers that have given us so much feedback on what needs to be done to move forward in the right direction.

Here at Eternal Flame we are focus on a few core principals that involve: YOU the player, content for everyone, providing professional staff to ensure server quality, a community where everyones voice is herd.

Beta Information

What to expect and the main goal of our beta testing

-We expect each beta tester to help provide us with positive/negative feedback to get better.
-Report all bugs found if any
-Report economy flaws if any
-Ensure skill balance
-Ensure solid economy
-Ensure all new content fixed from the alpha works properly
-Have fun


Beta Release Information:
-Open Beta release-

-Beta Client- Flame Beta Client.jar?dl=0


note: all alpha accounts have received a reset however beta accounts will NOT as well as all bug fixes/economy changes are officially live on the beta. We hope to see you ingame and hope you enjoy the server as much as we do !




Everyone is welcomed to our open beta and we hope to see you there !
-Eternal Flame Staff


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