Guthix - The RSPS You Should be Playing

Guthix-The-RSPS-You-Should-be-Playing RSPS

Guthix-The-RSPS-You-Should-be-Playing RSPS

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Guthix is a Pk/Economy server. Everything on Guthix is unique and custom made for your enjoyment. We have over 10 minigames with tons of rewards to offer, each minigame is different. Some require clans some require being single and some require friends, and isn't friends why we play RSPS! Also, we have over 10 quests and more being added to add depth to the game and better your experience.

Not only that if you are a PvMer we have over 20 unique bosses to fight with lots of interesting items to obtain, such as the legendary Guthix Godsword by collecting a shard from every Godwars dungeon boss and a legendary hammer from another boss to craft the sword. We offer an amazing community, daily updates, and we listen to all of your feedback to create the best game possible.

We want Guthix to be the RSPS you love and spend so much time on. Thank you and we hope you join us.


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