LOCOPK - Nr1 Server - Active Wilderness



LocoPK is one of the only OSRS servers that has all the new content from 07. We have all the latest Oldschool Runescape items such as Twisted bow and Elder maul, our wilderness is always filled with many players and for the skillers we have all our skills fully working with many different areas to see. There are achievements in the game with a lot of rewards. There are slayer rewards, PvP rewards, Vote rewards and so much more. The server is packed with a lot of different features and it will make you enjoy all your game-time. There is also unique gambling added to the server, so this is also the perfect place for you if u like gambling. There are plenty of other features that you would like, we listed a few of the features below. Download the client from our website and get started within seconds!


  • Ancestral gear
  • Elder maul and more new OSRS items
  • Active wilderness
  • All working OSRS skills
  • Custom developed system for gears
  • Almost 100% OSRS combat
  • Account recovery options
  • Active forums


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