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Project-Xelios RSPS

Project-Xelios RSPS

Here on Project-Xelios we care about all the players and we listen as a community, we follow all the ideas that we receive and we build up our community and make the connection with each other stronger and stronger for the ultimate player experience. That is why we have one of the best RSPS communities. Our staff knows what to do and are always helping players, they work day and night so you can enjoy ur gameplay. 


Looking for a Runescape server where you can enjoy ur stay and where you are appreciated by everyone in the community? This is the place. The friendliest RSPS community and everyone cares about each other, just like the old RS days. 



Economy server, hiscores, 24/7 online, summoning, 138 cb, flawless combat, loyalty system, dominion tower, mini-games, skills, many diff shops, active community forums, achievements, nex, revenants, queen black dragon, flawless switching, chaotics, auto vote/donate, get on the server and see the rest.

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