Zelharic PS

Zelharic-PS RSPS

Zelharic-PS RSPS


Zelharic PS is a new dedicated server that is exploding with newer OSRS content. We have Raids as well as #145 data items. We have four different game modes that you can choose from, you can see more details about this below.
We also have many minigames that you can try and complete to get the exclusive items only given to that minigame! All 22 skills are working with skilling pets! All bosses have pets too! We’re a community driven RSPS, you make the suggestions, and we try to implement them, as long as they pass as a majority vote in a poll thread via our Forums. Come and join us now!


Game Modes
Select a game mode and get straight into playing!
Be savage and try your might against the raids bosses!
Zelharic - Raids.png
Game Titles
Come and choose the title that best suits you, or better yet, become a donator and set your own Custom Title!
Zelharic - Titles.png
Can you get into the elite ranks and complete every single achievement?
Zelharic - Achievements.png
Teleporting Menus
Quick teleport accessible through World Map button!
OSRS Bosses
Zelharic - Callisto.png
Zelharic - Barrelchest.png
Chaos Elemental
Zelharic - Chaos Elemental.png
Giant Mole
Zelharic - Giant Mole.png
Zelharic - Kraken.png


Zelharic - Venenatis.png


Zelharic - Vetion.png
Zelharic - Zulrah.png


This is only a glimpse of what Zelharic PS has to offer to our community. Even if this does not interest you, come give us a shot, and we will make sure to cater to your interest! Come out and join our amazing community today!

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