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AeroScape is a 317 Runescape private server loading 600+ maps and weapons. AeroScape is packed full of content including Minigames, 15+ bosses, PVP battles, Gambling, Trading, Achievements, Quests, Skilling, Dueling and More! The AeroScape website has a fully functional hiscores system, auto donation system and Drop List so that you can master the game quickly and compete with friends!



Aerodude30 - Owner

Open - Administrator

Open - Moderator

Open - Moderator


- Extremely Stable source and client hosted on a dedicated server in the Amazon Cloud with DDOS Protection (no getting kicked from the game while your playing)

- Continuous development pipeline with so that game updates, double exp weekends, and special events are pushed quickly with zero downtime!

- Advanced Automatic Donation System for getting items and gear instantly!

- Automatic Cache Downloader for both Windows, Mac and Linux!

- Automatic Bi-directional registration system (Creating a new AeroScape account will create you an account on the website!)

- Accurate Real-time HighScores

- Knowledgeable development team and staff with years of programming experience

- Grand Exchange to easily trade with other players!

- Client is Compatible with both Macs and PC's

- Several Unique Quests

- Duo and Team Slayer Just use a slayer gem on another person!

- Fully Featured minigames such as: Barrows, Fight Caves, Fight Pits, Dueling, Gambling, The Lottery, Zombie Survival, Pest Control and more!

- Perfect Clan chat and Lootshare!

- Over 100+ Achievements to earn the Max and Completionist capes!

- Iron Man, Hardcore Iron man, and Normal modes

- All skills are working flawlessly including Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Summoning

- Familiars Hold items and assist you in combat against NPC's and Players!

- Perfect home in Neitzinot with tons of shops and supplies

- Voting System with Exp or Cash rewards!

- Double Exp Weekends and Drop Parties

- Shooting Stars and Weekly Server Events

- Tons of bosses including: Corporeal Beast, Nex, Nomad, Glacors, Mithril Dragons, God Wars Dungeon, Dagannoth Kings, Frost Dragons, KBD, and many many more!

- Custom bosses such as the Phoenix!

- 600+ Maps and Weapons with Ancient Cavern, Torva, Virtus and Pernix.

- Chaotic Weapons, working Enchanted bolt effects, spirit shield damage soaking, AGS special and Dragon Claw special, Working Barrows Armour

- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond member status with respective perks

- Click on a skill in the skills tab to instantly be teleported to the skills training location!

- Easy to use forums, and Wiki on the way!

So much more!








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Membership Levels


Access to DZone
Chat icon
20 level skill boost by praying at alter
Access to ::yell command


All Bronze perks plus
Medium 1.25X EXP Boost
Rune Armour thieving stall
Rare item Druid Shop
Silver Chat icon


All Silver perks plus
Large 1.5X Exp Boost
Kingly Implings for rare loot
Private Frost dragon access

Automatic killcount in the Godwars Dungeon

Gold icon


All Gold Perks plus
Platinum Chat icon
No ::yell delay
Massive 1.7X EXP Boost


All Platinum Perks plus
Free Blue Partyhat
Gargantuan Double EXP Boost at all times
Diamond Chat Icon

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