Ascension Reborn RSPS! Brand New RSPS!

ascension-reborn RSPS

ascension-reborn RSPS

Best Server Ever. Ascension grants you 2 things : All your voices and suggestions will be heard, and you will enjoy your time at the server.
We have 30 + Bosses 10+ Minigames, awesome content, a reasonable and fun amount of customs including a custom home as well as a second edgeville home!

Ascension is developed by a very experienced and well-knowing development team, and is backed by an awesome staff team in-game.

Although we are fairly new, we see ourselves climbing the charts very fastly! And we can do this with the support and love of the player-base, which is what we always aspire to have <3>

Come and join us today, words won't be able to describe what I mean, so I decided to cut it short, - Ghost

Join Today <3>

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