Cosmoscape V01

cosmoscape-rebirth RSPS

cosmoscape-rebirth RSPS

Cozmoscape Rebirth is a rebirth of Cozmoscape


Please note this server is in Very Early Development

This server does not have any "unique" content yet. Probably wont for some time.


If you are looking for a Content Packed server i'd recommend joining a different server. If you are looking to join a new, server with a new community, then this server is worth a try.


If you find any bugs, PLEASE post them on the forums located here.

Cozmoscape Rebirth is a rebirth of Cozmoscape that once was one of the best servers in the history of Runescape private servers! There is so much content, you wouldn't believe it! So log in and see. We have bosses, minigames, skills, achievements, unique pk system, blood money shop, construction, duo slayer, dungeoneering, osrs data and so much more! The community is great and the economy is good! Log in and play now!

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