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doomscape RSPS

doomscape RSPS

Join our heartwarming and continually growing community today! We have an active and balanced economy thanks to our amazing Player Owned Shop System. Our game is fair and everyone can make money. The most special feature of our server is the Chest of Everything! What is that you wonder? Come and find out!

Join our community

• Fullscreen & resizable modes
• Weekly weekend events
• Instants items with ::buy command for easy buying and selling
• Fully working construction!
• Custom Bossing Minigame
• Nex, Corperal Beast, Nomad
• 25+ Unique and some custom bosees
• Full clan support!
• Improved combat system
• Revenants which drop useful PK items!
• Highly rated by new players shortly after starting
• Custom whips with various abilities
• Last Man Standing Minigame
• Fully working completionist and max capes
• Over 10,000 items available in game

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