eesti-server RSPS

eesti-server RSPS

Welcome To Agaroth


Welcome to Agaroth, A Rsps with no limits. Agarothis a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content.
We have combined best and favorite content from Oldschool Runescape, RuneScape 2 and RuneScape 3
 and turned it into something amazing and addicting.
It satisfies everyone from the Skilling part of the community to the player killing community.
Agaroth brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community
that we proudly present.
We can't wait until you join us, In this epic adventure you are about to embark on as a community.

42 Bosses & Demibosses
9 Wilderness Bosses & 4 Instanced Bosses
25 Skills & Construction & Summoning
3 Quests & Miniquests
Trivia Minigame
Treasure Trail & Crystal/Smoke chest
Evil tree & Crashed Star events
Boss Pets and Skilling pets
Player owned Shops
Grand Exchange
Drops & Killing logs
Ingame Player Profiles
Customizable Max & Comp Capes
Multyplayer Dungeoneering
Dicing, Flowergames and Duel Arena
Automatic Daily event (2x Xp/Drops/Points)
OSRS Bosses (Zulrah, Sire, Shamans... etc)
Rs2 & Rs3 Bosses (Tormented, Nex, Godwars... etc)
Gear from Rs3 (Torva/Divine/Drygore...etc)
Gear from OSRS (Twisted bow, DWH, Blowpipe...etc)
Revenants Caves & PvP random drops & BH
Player ran events and Weekly Official events
Ingame and Complete Highscores on Website
Offigy Crafting & LampScape
Fully functional Clanchat and Clanwars
Free for all Minigame

And so much more you just need to discover yourself!


Simplicity RSPS