Ely | The #1 Leading 718 & OSRS

elyrsps RSPS

elyrsps RSPS

Welcome to Ely. The leading 718 with OSRS mash-up.

Why choose us? If your a fan of the true Pre-EoC feel of RS - you found it.
Instead do you prefer OSRS? You have a home here as well.
We are not only a mash-up of content between multiple revisions - no, we offer more.
We expanded many areas of the game with Ely-exclusive content such as
the famous Graetoriax the Unbroken (exclusive boss) & Ruins (a dangerous minigame).

Not concerned about the end-game content? We got you covered.
We offer a massive & engaging Training Zone for our new players.
No more wondering, "where do I start?" or "how do I begin?" - no more.
Login, type ::train & your instantly given a task - earning points - and getting geared up.

Track your progress against other players (Hiscores, Collection log completion),
build your name with NPC Kill Leaderboards, play with friends with Duo Slayer, Party Dungeoneering
or start your own Clan.

The world is yours in Ely - play now & make it happen.

Collection Log (Track your progress and compete on log completion)

Training Zone (Fast paced training with Tasks, Shop & more)

Practice Instances (Get to practice on Bosses without the risk in a practice instance)

Personal & Global Kill Records (Compete for the fastest times against Bosses & more)

Social Slayer & Slayer Task Extensions (Enjoy Slayer with more options)

Max Hit & DPS Dummies (Test your setups for max hit & damage per second)

Ruins of Graetoria (Fully custom Map, NPC's, Gear, Mechanics & more)

Largest RSPS Wiki (NPC data, G/E logs, Item data & more)

All 25 Skills (Enjoy true combat leveling & skilling including Construction & Dungeoneering)

OSRS Content & Bosses (Demonic Gorilla's, Zulrah, Cerberus, Wilderness Bosses & tons more)

All Pre-Eoc Content & Bosses (Nex, QBD, Nomad & over 20+ more and all the greatest Pre-Eoc content)

Gear & Inventory Presets (save up to 10 different presets w/ option of custom levels)

Bank Placeholders (Keep your Bank tight & tidy)

Discord Integration (Talk in-game via mobile, check stats, drops, GE & more)

F-Keys (Customize your key bindings)

Potion Timers (Never lose track of your timings)

Well of Goodwill (Server-wide benefits for item & GP donations)

Client settings (Tons of toggles such as, x10 hits, Player name, old/new looks & much more)

Engaging Minigames (Including Battle Royale, Zombie Waves & all the classics)

Perfected Content (A lot of our content is very similar to the original)

Grand Exchange (Auto-buys/sells & player based, depending on item)

World Events (Wildy Wyrm, Evil Tree & Shooting Stars)

Weekend Events (Double Minigame Rewards, double PvM Points & more)

Choose Your XP Rate (x10 Legends & x50 Default & x250 Easy)

All Ironman Modes (IM/HCIM/UIM)

Over 150 Achievements (Interactive progress percentage & more)

Tons of Pets (Boss, Skilling, Slayer pets & more)

Safe Gambling (Flower Poker, dicing, hot & cold - server hosted betting)

Master Capes & more (Earn your Max Cape, Completionist Cape and/or 120 Capes)

Rewarding Vote System (Trade them for GP, redeem them for BXP or spend them in-shop)

Loyalty Titles (Tons & tons of titles to aim for)

Clan System (100% Clan system with ranks, etc)

Clue Scrolls (Fully custom with Wiki guides & tips)

Simplicity RSPS