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elyrsps RSPS

elyrsps RSPS

Features list:


Most Advanced (4 full-time Developers providing top tier content & gameplay)

Content Packed (All 718 content + tons of the latest OSRS)

Fastest Growing (Among the most fastest growing new servers online)

Huge Wiki (Largest RSPS Wiki)

All 25 Skills (Enjoy true combat leveling & skilling including Construction & Dungeoneering

OSRS Content & Bosses (Recently released: Cerberus)

Instances (Start an instance at any Boss)

100% Skotizo, Kraken, Cerberus, Demonic Gorilla's (All drop & items)

Gear & Inventory Presets (save up to 10 different presets w/ option of custom levels)

Discord Integration (!drops NPCNAME !stats PLAYERNAME !players ONLINE & more)

Daily Updates (Pushing bi-weekly updates with bug fixes & new content)

Customizable Client settings (Tons of toggles such as, x10 hits, Player name, old/new looks, & much more)

10+ Minigames & Customs (Including Battle Royale, Zombie Waves & all the classics)

Perfected Content (A lot of our content is very similar to the original)

Grand Exchange (Auto-buys/sells & player based, depending on item)

World Events (Wildy Wyrm, Evil Tree & Shooting Stars)

Weekend Events (Double Minigame Rewards, double PvM Points & more)

Choose Your XP Rate (x10 Legends & x50 Default)

All Ironman Modes (IM/HCIM/UIM)

Over 150 Achievements (Interactive progress percentage & more)

Duo Slayer (Earn faster XP by doing Slayer with a partner)

Tons of Pets (Skilling & Boss pets)

Tons of Bosses (Including all GWD, Cerberus, Corporal Beast, Nex, QBD, KBD & more)

Safe Gambling (Flower Poker, dicing, hot & cold - server hosted betting)

Master Capes & more (Earn your Max Cape, Completionist Cape and/or 120 Capes)

Customizable Loot Beam (Never miss a valuable drop)

Banking (with tabs, searching, inserting & swapping)

Rewarding Vote System (Trade them for GP, redeem them for BXP or spend them in-shop)

Loyalty Titles (Tons & tons of titles to aim for)

Clan System (100% Clan system with ranks, etc)

Clue Scrolls (Fully custom with Wiki guides & tips)

Quests (Fully custom Quests made by the community)

Universal Donor Benefits (Apply your Donor status & benefit to ALL your alt accounts)

Bank Placeholders & TONS MORE!


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