faexpress RSPS

faexpress RSPS


Thank you for taking the time to visit FalconExpress. FalconExpress has been under the works for a couple months now updating things left and right. Now we hit the point where its time to get a player base and start finding issues, ideas, and future updates. Something that always intrigued me when joining a rsps is being the best and getting the best. Let that be you, come on in grind out to be at the top!


  • Custom Rares
    Raid Boss 
    Loyalty Programs 
    Custom Donation Shop 
    New Stores 
    Improved Home 
    OSRS Content
    Weekly Bonuses 
    Nex Gear
    New Donation Perks 
    Low Donator Prices 
    Active Discord
    Fast Growing
    Active Staff
    Staff Positions Available
    Weekly Bug Patches and Updates
    Laid-Back Environment
    Active Discord Thread 
    Ironman Modes
    Brand-New Economy 
    Auto-Donation System
    Auto-Vote System

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