Gold School RSPS - Pre EOC

gold-school RSPS

gold-school RSPS

Gold School RSPS


An InsidiaX based Source edited by The Prod.

Dedicated server hosted and edited on a daily basis.

Experience rates have been dropped due to popular vote, but levels start quick.

Shops and drops are yet to be edited entirely but we are currently under development and looking for a community of players.

A few modifications have been made to improve the source:



    Gnome Agility Course added, some bugs




    Client right clicking works perfectly




    Buying and Selling "X" quantity is stable



Current Staff List:

[Owner] - The Prod

[Web Designer & Hoster] - Afkitten

[Administrator(s)] - Open, Open

[Moderator(s)] - Broccoli, Lemonhaze


Come join Gold School today! We're always looking for more players and suggestions for additional updates to have in the future!


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