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infinite-era-718 RSPS

infinite-era-718 RSPS

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We are proud to announce that Infinite-Era is back online !


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-Player Owned Shops
Dungeoneering (Co-Op)
-Slayer (coop)
-Construction-Build your own house
-Trivia Rewards with shops
-Trivia , trivia puzzles and anagrams
-Player-Driven Economy
-Online 24/7
-All Skills Working
-Boss instances
-Customizable Client
+ All original matrix features
-Automated double xp weekends 
-Donor Bonus XP
-No Lag, No Downtime
- Super fast 4GB Dedicated Server
- Custom Zombies Minigame
- Now features Clue Scrolls
- Over 20 Titles to Unlock with various requirements , prestige titles and for all modes
- Cosmetic Overrides
- Skilling Rewards
- PVM Based with GREAT Eco
- Choose your own exp rate, 5 to choose from!
- Custom rewarding Achievements system
- 5 man co-op Dungeoneering (all 60 floors)
- Aut vote and donate system been added -rewarded per vote
- No life modes and Iron man modes all have their own zone so do donators !!!

Many more Unique Features join to find out

The most unique 718/752 server on the planet! Join the best and forget the rest. We have 100+ Bosses with unique features and maps. 1000+ Achievements ready for you to complete. All skills are fully re-worked and developed with 0 mistakes. All bosses are added with nice drop tables. Go fighting in the wilderness and enjoy the flawless combat system. There is so much to do! Log in and check it out.

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