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insidious-x RSPS

insidious-x RSPS

Dear players,

First of all join our wonderfull discord!

Join our discord here.

InsidiousX is a 718/742 runescape private server currently in BETA stage that aims for perfection.
And one of the few servers that mostly everyday has any kind of update or fix

We have quite some features on the server.


Boss pets

Possibility of customizing your yell title with you own title color and shade

Possibility of customizing you title using your own title with color and shade or if you like you can also use our ::title command which has big variaty of titles

Avarage xp rates

PvP with PvP point system




Leveling point system win points as you level up

A ::claim system that rewards the first player to type it with a random item

A general training area with low mid mid-high and high level trainning areas

Possibility of mining uncut onyx in the thzhaar area with 95 mining

Three holiday events (Halloween, Christmas and Easter)

Crystal chest

The possibility to save and load your favourite outfit

A loyalty system that rewards the player with loyalty points every 30 minutes

Some nice custom items

A brand new minigame based on fight caves called ultimate cave

Working easter ring with transformation

Working easter basket with its walking animation

Working ring of stone with transformation

Working bunny ears (they transform you into a random bunny)

Zilyana's own shield and sword allowing the player to transform into zilyana herself

Zilyana armour

Christmas cracker

Mystery cracker

Completionist cape stand with requeriments

And plenty more join us today and begin your adventure with us.


The InsidiousX Administration Team

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