Lumbridge - The BEST Custom Server

lumbridge-the-best-custom-server RSPS

lumbridge-the-best-custom-server RSPS


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Your new adventure awaits at Lumbridge!


Lumbridge is a brand new up and coming custom server that brings the nostalgia of TRULY high quality custom servers back! We have decades worth of knowledge and experience to bring YOU the most unique and original content possible while maintaining our infrastructure/security to provide the BEST custom server experience around. We are a community based server, so content is chosen by YOU. YOU make up the server along side our developers unlike other servers you've tried before.


Some content on the server worth mentioning:

  • Scam-proof gambling
  • Daily Tasks and Rewards!
  • Hundreds of unique NPCs
  • World Bosses
  • Donator Bosses
  • Challenging and interesting achievements
  • Requirements system for an easy progression ladder!
  • TWO completely custom raids!
  • Several Custom minigames
  • Truly unique upgrade system
  • Loading multiple revisions of OSRS and RS2
  • Custom auction house system
  • 60+ custom pvm zones with totally unique drops!





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