MagePS - A 100+ Player Custom RSPS

mageps RSPS

mageps RSPS

MagePS is a custom made Runescape private server that offers one of the most immersive experiences that the Runescape community has ever witnessed. With a world completely created and made from scratch in a custom fashion, MagePS has content added from all corners of the internet fantasy world. On your journey you may embark on figures and characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe, figures from Rick N Morty, Pokemon and other great fictions. MagePS hosts a big playerbase with tons of loyal and dedicated players that tune in on the daily. With our completely new currency we've been able to control the economy way more by creating money sinks and such, we've been able to maintain a superb balanced economy that doesnt create any gap holes in the server in terms of equality. Every inch you embark on in your journey have all been made from scratch, we strive to be one of the few if not the only Runescape private server that is not dependent on Jagex LLC or any of their work for our own game.

Custom pets, weapons, armor combat system and more have all been made by our developers and founders of the server.

MagePS is the most immersive Runescape private server you will ever get to experience, it is truly a one in a lifetime game and we hope we get to share our experiences along with you.

Join the massive community and indulge yourself in the immersiveness that our server has to offer.

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