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prophecy RSPS

prophecy RSPS

Your endless search for a great 718 server stops here, at Prophecy!

Prophecy is a new server that just started in July and welcomes newcomers. We push out new updates every day, have lots of content, and the only thing we are missing is you! We are maintaining a great economy for anyone to join at any time. We also only have one mod and no other staff besides developers. We are currently looking for great, loyal, and professional players to add to our staff team! Some of our content (but not all) is:

- 100% Custom NEVER BEFORE SEEN Edge home!

---We customly edited the map a bit to gain your intrest of seeing what we are capable of at Prophecy. You at least have to log in and see this place :D

- Three XP Modes + Ironman/Regular player | Set your own difficulty

--- You choose easy, medium, or hard and if you want to be a regular player or ironman!

- Gainable Double XP time awarding items!

- Vorago

- WildyWyrm

- T90 gear

- Full Godwars

- Full construction. Any object, any room, any npc (POH Dungeon).

- RS-like Dungeoneering. Loading rooms, keys, spawning NPCs, bosses, modifiers, smuggler store, complexity, levels 1-50.

- Every skill trainable


- Full barrows

- Fight Caves

- Fight Kiln (All three capes)

- Multiple donator perks (Actual perks to assist in the game, but are not overpowered) (Not a pay to win server)

- Multiple donator benefits (Cosmetic items, donator zone with 1.2x xp, and more!) (Not a pay to win server)

- Multiple PVP areas

- Custom Teleport interface

- Over 15+ dungeons to adventure

- Over 10+ bosses to conquer

- Over 15+ training areas based on difficulty

- Multiple minigames to beat

- Reaper tasks

- PVM/PK/Trivia/Loyalty/Vote points

- And way more! Join us now to explore all the rest. We are looking forward to seeing you on Prophecy!


Forums: http://rukouyai.com/  (OLD NAME/CHANGING SOON!)

Download Link: http://rukouyai.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/3-prophecy-client/

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