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reaperscape-247 RSPS

reaperscape-247 RSPS

Welcome to ReaperScape based off a Vencillio base! Fixed multiple items such as firecape models etc.
I currently have a Working Highscores for Normal players, Ironman and so on! Many bug/Client fixes I did myself. Thanks to Valius fixes we have this wonderful server! 

Implemented a Platinum token shop!

Fantastic combat training areas such as sand crabs!

Skills teleport to multiple places such as Hunting seen below!

Setting manager for your 10x hits, if you want HD minimap and much much more!

The lovely monster drop table you've all seen before!

Item details to show price/if it's tradable etc.

A fun community driven server with 1 owner that does everything himself! Would love for people to come and have some fun!
I constantly update things while keeping the server uptime to 24/7 doing this helps my learning of basic coding and fixes, always up for some bug fix suggestions or findings! I constantly backup server files to make sure no accounts are lost! Have some accounts from 2 years ago that joined with their old stats!
If you don't like the server at least come by to say hi! I Love meeting new people!

Join ReaperScape today! I've personally Been with the RSPS community since OCT 2009!
No forced donations!
Website - Website
Client download - Client v1.3

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