revivalscape RSPS

revivalscape RSPS

Revival Scape is one of the most anticipated Runescape Private servers of the decade which is promised to bring a completely new and fresh experience to the universe and lore of Runescape. Revival Scape is meant to deliver a brand new experience to the masses that lets them to log on, and instantly get in on all the fun and different activities. Our project welcomes all different players from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and languages. Our services support mostly all different major languages there are in the world. Revival Scape is a project which is self funded, meaning that when you're on our services you're never obliged or forced to pay any kind of subscription to participate in any gameplay. Everything when it comes to our services is fully free to play and donating is just an alternative and not actually obligatory.

We have a ton of new content that has been added to the World of Runescape. We have new bosses, monsters and other fun activities that are only unique to our server and our server only. Everyone of our custom made bosses has its own unique mechanics and works in a more complex and complicated way which makes your experience more immersive and challenging.

Sign up today for one of the biggest and most anticipated Runescape servers of all time.

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