revolution RSPS

revolution RSPS

Revolution317 by Azculls; An up and coming runescape private server. Great community and super active owner.


Come join us today and enjoy the great benefits of being a member of our community, including but not limited to;

  • Fully working PC & other minigames!
  • World bosses featuring our very own Infinity Beast!
  • Custom Bosses including Skotizo and Heartwrenchers!
  • Custom Raids
  • Custom items
  • Custom Pets that also increase drop rate!
  • Upgradable gear and other items INCLUDING donor scrolls!
  • Weekly updates
  • Super active and friendly owner and staff
  • All working skills (dungeoneering in process!)
  • Custom ranks with bonuses for different ranks (can get up to uber  without even donating!)

Come join us today and enjoy the minimum weekly updates! 10+ online daily and we've barely started!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Your newest adventure awaits!


Feel free to join us on our Discord server!


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