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rune-factory RSPS

rune-factory RSPS

Rune-Factory is a RSPS of the 667 Revision AKA Pre-EOC. We are striving to have all the good things that Runescape offered us in one server.

We are currently in our beta stages, with 30+ members in discord, website is being 
developed and will be available in 2 weeks. We offer the 3rd most content for a 667 Rev server with Custom Boss's, Mini Games, (Coming Soon Titans "Gundam, Madara Goku" and Many More, We are in the process of Creating Raids Like "Final Fantasy and many more cool unique raids. We Host a ton of Custom Item's currently in game. We are also giving away free donator status for every new member that joins us Via Discord in our beta pressuretowards official launch. All Donations will go towards Domain Funds, Server VPS funs, We Are DDOS Protected as We'll and Offer GAMBLING Games like black jack and 2 more fun options as we'll as feeding so come clean some players out :)) and become the next king of our server. we currently are live in beta testing on day 3 up-time with no crash's or bug's thank you for you're time, i hope too see you soon in game.

Official Rune-Factory Rules!1. Spamming is illegal if the timer is under 6 seconds.2. Hacking/Glitching/Bug abusing is illegal.3. Not reporting Glitches/Bug and abusing it is illegal.4. No Staff Hunting.5. No Flaming.6. You can only ask for help every 2-3 minutes, or else it will end up a temporary Mute.7. No scamming, if the victim has visual proof of scamming, the scammer will be MAC banned after 1 warning.8. No spam voting/Vpn voting, can lead to a ban/jail.9. Abusing starter reward is illegal.10. Buying/Selling accounts is illegal.11. Sharing accounts to benefit a rank or items is illegal.12. Trading items or money between any other servers is illegal, in a result you will end up with a UID ban.13. RWT (Real World Trading) is illegal and will end up with a UID ban. 14. Abusing skill points by creating account is illegal and will end up in an IP ban.15. Multilogging is legal limit of too, but you cannot PvM with both accounts.16. Lending items is your own responsibility, if you get scammed, it’s your own fault.17. Trolling is at your own risk and could end up in a mute.!N4dxzIRS!kf65VCCZO...8cfBx5dJyeqUUA

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