Sakra - A unique oldscool Runescape experience!

sakra-a-unique-oldscool-runescape-experience RSPS

sakra-a-unique-oldscool-runescape-experience RSPS

Sakra - A unique oldscool Runescape experience!2020- Hooray!

We just released a beta version 1.0 on the 8th of May 2020. We are a low rate server but of course not as low as the real OSRS. We boosted the loot tables so every NPC in the game is able to drop: 'Mystery Boxes' and 'Crystal keys' and much more. This server is perfect if you enjoy a bit of a grind but not the obnoxious grind of the real OSRS with possibilities of every monster in the game dropping rare unique loot. We are doing updates daily and organizing events like drop parties, mini-games, gambling happy hours, and combine all these things with an active Discord community and much more to find out! We have a very experienced development team that is dedicated to improving the server day by day. Special announcement: During the Corona outbreak the whole server is on Double EXP! Take that as an advantage for yourself by start playing right now and climb the high scores quickly. In the discord, there will be weekly events regarding the high scores. Also, every new player is rewarded with 'Three mystery boxes' and '500 free Sakra Bucks'.

The free Sakra Bucks is are a temporary reward. Play Now!

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