SiriusX 718

siriusx-rsps RSPS

siriusx-rsps RSPS

Hey guys SiriusX is back and i want to tell you its amazing! We are still in development but the server is already online to play!!

Join our discord :
Website (still under construction)

Features :

99% Uptime

Custom Dungeoneering

All 24 skills work

Custom Donator zones

Flawless combat

Custom bosses

Earn osrs gp with drops

Weekly updates

Double xp every weekend

First people to join recieve free donator rank

Donator benefits

Custom pets

100% Soul wars


Hosted events

Colouring items

100% Clan system

Rev Caves

Boss Slayer

Some custom items

Gamble area (dicebag and flowerpoker)

Simplicity RSPS