sohanscape RSPS

sohanscape RSPS

SohanScape is a fairly new Old School Runescape private server. Launched by some of the biggest names in the Old School Runescape community, SohanRS the youtuber and many other Runescape personalities that are involved in this grand project. SohanScape has some of the best coders in the whole RSPS scene, Crux(aka Ryley) who is known for bringing the RSPS experience to another level in multiple other projects. SohanScape is a custom Runescape private server, this means that all of the content is exclusive to our server and our server only, you won't find any of our content on Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape. SohanScape offers the best of both worlds, we have original OSRS content that is available 24/7 and we also have our own added content which you can partake in. We have optimized the game to give you, the player, the freedom to adventure the game as you wish.

We have the latest PvE content on OSRS up to date on our servers this includes, ToB, Chambers of Xeric and then we also have our custom bosses with a unique system to ensure you can experience the most from PVMing/Skilling. To have our community indulged in constant activities and in-game gameplay we have event bossing. These are bosses that are spawned to the game in a timed manner located somewhere random in the game map, the community then has to work as one unit to defeat this boss to claim its awesome drops and prizes.

SohanScape is the most convenient of Runescape private servers, we strive to make our server as engagable as possible for our players. This means that you will not be going around doing tedious tasks like running across the world to get to your location. We have a world teleport in our custom interface which allows the player to instantly teleport to any location in the Runescape original world as well as the SohanScape custom map, the wilderness is not included.

SohanScape is overall the best Runescape private server to invest you precious time in, we have several big youtubers investing their time and money into our services and wish you could give us a try aswell. Join today for free!

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