spectralosrs RSPS

spectralosrs RSPS

Spectral, an ever-growing server and community, We have features such as;


Raids1, Forinthry Dungeon, Zulrah, Loyalty point system, Title system & Achievment system.

We also have bosses such as; Cerberus , Godwars Dungeon bosses, Wilderness bosses such as Callisto, Vet/ion and much more!


We are always open to suggestions to make the server better, We want to make something beautiful out of it together with the community!



We also want to give back to the community by doing weekly giveaways!


We are currently looking for staff members! Aslong as the server is growing!


Please join our Discord server to keep in touch with our players and staff and to make new friends!







We hope to see you soon!



Team Spectral

Simplicity RSPS