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tojadcom RSPS

Welcome to Tojad.

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Rigour/Augury added to quick prayers 

Server has only been up for less than a week and 

Dragon Harpoon

Here are some of the recent updates:
- Fixed slayer helm when you put it on it used to always give you the bonuses but not anymore 
- Fixed pest control
- Fixed forum log-in
- Fixed website added hiscores/vote and more voting pages
- Fixed store as items only ROW and donator tickets. 


Will be releasing a new client
- Fixed hovers

*Twisted Bow- Now in GAME:

Callisto, Scorpia, and Crazy Arc these bosses drop 2 of each so bring a partner in the wild-wild...
Guide: Magic roots, dream log, windswept logs take these supplies to craft the bow
-magic roots on spinning wheel make magic string
-dream log used on windswept logs make uncharged T-bow
-use string on uncharged t-bow to charge it and make it a real T-bow.

*NEW Dragon Harpoon is now in-game and works better than regular harpoon

*Extreme titles when you log in before would glitch and not show up but now Extreme title is always there. 

*Blowpipe is fixed

*Tbow is fixed

*NEW Agility shop

*Slayer Master talks better now

*Server support can now use ::yell 

-Fixed worldmap and added teleports tab 

-Mageguy is now at home

-Hovers are completely removed

-Revamped client & made a few more changes...


Simplicity RSPS