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valkar RSPS

valkar RSPS

Dedicated Server

Here at Valkar we take pride in having our server on 24/7. We always want to have the server online except when updating so that you can play! We are always available and brain storming about new ideas for the server. If we ever have downtime it's because we are either fixing something major or improving something.

Server Community

The server's community is a MAJOR concern of ours! We want to be here for you like no server has been before. All staff members are REQUIRED to be there when a player is in need of help or assistance. Whether it is a Developer or Owner etc. we are there for you. The community has a major role to play in the servers progression as well. As the members of Valkar YOU have the ability to steer where we go from here! YOU have a hand in development as well not just the Development Team!

We Are Here For You

We at Valkar make it our mission to listen to you! Everyone's opinion is important. Even the bad feedback can lead to positive out comes. We never turn anyone down or shun those that help influence or steer the server in positive ways. We want you to know we listen to you! The owners of Valkar are ALWAYS available via Discord. Speak to them if you need or other staff members as well. We are open and honest with each other. We NEVER want to become that P2W server that you see around. Fairness to the player is what we are about. A server for players ran by players.

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