Vykor RSPS

vykor-osrs-rsps-new-server-beta RSPS

vykor-osrs-rsps-new-server-beta RSPS

Welcome to the world of Vykor, a 317 RuneScape Private Server that effectively hits the nostalgia mark, while also thriving to provide new and original content that is action packed, and keeps the player on the edge of their seat, and in their element, whether it be training up your skills and competing for the leader boards, scouring dungeons to hunt the newest beast that awaits, or exploring the wilderness, looking for players who dare challenge you Vykor offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Website is currently being worked on to play download the client:


The Beginning
Vykor originally started out back in August of 2014. The goal was to build a server from the bottom up, making it effective in achieving our mission, while also ensuring we make it as smooth, playable,
and as enjoyable as we could for the players. Over the course of it's life, Vykor has been through a lot. Vykor has seem many developers over its lifetime and only 2 members remain of the original team.
We have overcome any obstacles that have been thrown our way, from developers leaking our source and other trying to sell it, we have managed to persevere and outshine the low blows.

With all of this being said, lets get right into the content that you are here to see!


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