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Battle-Ages RSPS

Battle-Ages RSPS

Livin In A Deadly Place with many creatures and bosses to slay. Join the Number one Runescape private server today! We have several bosses to visit, many skills to train and tons of locations where you can go to. The wilderness is active with smooth combat. The game play is beyond perfect. All our players get a welcome from the community when they log in for the first time. We are the rsps that cares about all the players. Join now and see for yourself

[b]Updates Log[/b]
[color=#B22222]Updates Log
• Full Cerberus
• Full Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching 
• Full Kraken
• Zulrah
• Crazy Archaeologist
• Scorpia
• Chaos Fanatic
• 18+ Bosses
• Unique Kill-Streak System
• All Wilderness Bosses
• Rewritten Skills (Runecrafting, Hunter, Agility)
• Full OSRS Bounty Hunter
• Help database system
• Perfect Combat
• Clipped Player & Npc following
• Clipped Projectiles
• Clipped 121 maps & objects
• Pet Insurance
• Boss Pets
• Newest OSRS Pets
• Bank Tabs
• Rare Drop announcement system
• Perfect Minigames

Simplicity RSPS

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