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Hey Adventurer! Your Journey begins here. Crux offers quite possibly the most blissful experience of PVMing mixed with quite possible the most flawless PvP system in the scene, and most of all, our community is second to none.
Crux has endless amounts of content waiting for you to come and try, as well as hundreds of other players daily who are willing to teach you the ways, and guide you around the world of CRUX!
Crux is packed with a multitude of bosses ranging from household names like King Black Dragon, to unique bosses such as Glod! We also host multiple mini-games such as duel arena and active gambling and so much more, you’re only one click away from changing your whole gaming experience!
Want to see what the buzz is all about? Feel free to click the links above, and they’ll send you in the right direction to become an Official Cruxian!

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