Etherum - 2M OSRS every 10 hours!

Etherum RSPS

Etherum RSPS

OSRS | $700+ rewards monthly | Instant PK | Perfected combat system! | AWESOME economy | PK Tournaments | Perfect PvM | Perfect staking & betting | Unique Bosses & Boss Pets | Perfect Slayer

We have been online for over 8 years, we just changed our name. It is time for changes. More developers, more players, more content, and much more frequent updates. The server is packed with content and there is so much more to come. Features for everyone. Active community with highly experienced staff members. See all the best of Etherum PS.


Etherum RSPS

Simplicity RSPS

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Perfect smooth working server with friendly staff and players.

Author: arno
2017-09-10 21:46:50

Updates every week. Keep up the great work with cool goodies !

Author: Adam1343
2017-09-09 18:58:51

best raps out there

Author: 12Stone
2017-09-09 15:15:51

best pking server

Author: best pker
2017-09-07 18:41:06

This server is simply the best, none come close in comparison to it.

Author: Timythethief
2017-09-06 06:29:25

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