Kratos Oldschool RS in HD 100 Online

Kratos RSPS

Kratos RSPS

Kratos Runecape Private ServerKratos | Runescape Private Server - Play in HD & SD - 530 - Oldschool Runescape - Packed with content - 100+ players - Latest OSRS bosses - High detail - Minigames - Bounty hunter - 24 skills including summoning - Achievements - 100+ songs - Quests - Best RSPS

Why would you join Kratos RSPS?

We have many different game modes you can pick and play, over 5 different game modes. Including modified ironman rates. We have unique slayer added with different unique locations. We implented a fully working grand-exchange that will control the economy in game. Over 3 worlds are available on the server including deadman. All our skills are fully working, over 20 fully functional and 100% like real Runescape. Enough mini-games to pick from, over 10 games. All the latest Oldschool Runescape bosses added as well. Our team keeps adding the latest osrs data.

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Simplicity RSPS

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