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Os-scape is the most played runescape private server on the rsps toplist. The server has 3 worlds where you can play on with the latest Oldschool Runescape data. The best is here.

World 1: Realism

World 2: Quick PVP

World 3: PVP Economy

Realism Quick PvP PvP economy


Some content on the server worth highlighting:
  • Plenty of bosses where you can go
  • All agility courses fully added, including Rooftop agility
  • 10 + dungeons and many other areas where you can fight monsters and train your skills
  • All skills are working and perfectly added like real OSRS
  • Perfectly balanced economy







The wilderness is always active, fight against others and become the best pvper in-game. Earn all the blood money you can get and buy the best items.

Player vs monster is a big thing on the server. Go slay with friends or alone and become the best pvmer. There are a lot of bosses, slay them all and become the best.

The main focus is on PvP, our combat is so smooth that some players actually prefer playing Os-Scape instead of real Runescape. Our developers made sure that the player experience is high and flawless.

PK Video: High level wilderness:



Select your download option below. See you in-game.

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this server is very high quality and very good and i enjoy it a lot and i would like to vote for this server so that it can get more people

Author: med1
2017-10-04 04:43:14


Author: lol
2017-09-22 20:26:47

very cool very hand some i rike it

Author: Joanne Card
2017-09-13 21:21:58

great server

Author: Lvl 88
2017-09-11 15:31:04

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