AeonicPvp614 - Spawnscape Remake!

aeonicpvp614 RSPS

$100 GIVEAWAY ON GOING IN DISCORD! Are you ready for an adventure full of action? I think you should be, because we are bringing back the quality of Pking. AeonicPvp is a remake of Spawnscape 614! Our main priority is to make sure, that you are enjoying the server. We have currently added a lot of new content and cool features! A lot of new updates will continuously be added to the server, but YOU are going to help us with that. Let's be a great community and start this adventure together. Already 80+ in discord waiting for release! Come try it out. We are currently developing the server. Beta has been released! -NEW PKING SYSTEM? -Different Pking tiers -Seasonal Rewards -Infinity Pking -Get a random box every 25th kill -Daily pking events -Daily giveaways -Gambling -Great Community’’’ $100 GIVEAWAY ON GOING IN DISCORD! Feel free to join our Discord for much more!

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